WildWednesday – New CO Music Fest by Coachella/Bonnaroo 

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Today is WildWednesday and we’re going to briefly discuss the new festival in the works from AEG Live and Superfly (Coachella/Bonnaroo). These are some of the titans in the festival industry known to bring out some of the most popular acts in the electronic music, indy , and alt-rock genres. 
The state is ripe for a festival of this caliber, and the potential locations in Denver & Westminster are more than capable of handling a major event should the local communities approve. Obviously there will be a huge economic benefit in bringing out of state visitors to a large festival, and the well off millennial population of Denver would be easily swayed into attending something so close. 

Some big criticisms that could be raised are the general belief of decline in lineup quality and the prospect that the music festival scene is starting to be a bit bubblicious. Although the genre/scene generates massive profits for those with solid brands and deep pockets to finance costly events, there has been a massive influx in festival creation over the past few years. The supply of events is saturated, and the organizers are chasing fewer and fewer dollars as the industry begins to mature. 

Luckily the veteran teams running these organizations have many years of experience orchestrating successful events. Keys to success in this new venture are thus:

  1. Ensure adequate care is taken to review feedback/suggestions from past patrons of their other festivals.
  2. Understand the changing climate of the scene itself and adjust as necessary. 
  3. Bring up fresh acts that have a chance to get some exposure, as opposed to booking the same stale headliners/middle acts. 

I’m very interested to watch and see how this fest will be constructed from the ground up, and hope that they will listen to the fans when it comes to lineups and location. Additionally, there will be and artistic component that I truly hope is given the attention it deserves. Good music festivals have solid acts, great festivals build a theme and aesthetic that you’ll never forget. 


The Center of Gravity w/ Nick

Welcome to The Center of Gravity!

I’ll be your host for the evening, and yes we could experience some turbulence as we hurdle headlong through infinity at an unthinkable velocity.

Everyday, we are presented with vastly differing opinions, viewpoints, and stances on a gamut of issues affecting each and every one of our lives. Although we may feel deeply rooted in our belief systems for a multitude of reasons, we must learn as a collective that the purest truth is most commonly found in the shades of grey encompassing the middle ground, which is typically no-mans land in todays sociopolitical climate.

It is my firm belief that by hanging up our swords and shields at the door of dialogue we can slowly erode the walls of ignorance. One thing that I keep in mind when speaking to or debating those with conflicting viewpoints is that everyone experiences a completely unique set of circumstances that brought them to where they are today. We find little benefit overall in reducing our communication to simple insults and slights. There is so much to gain when we take the time to respect our fellow man enough to hear their concerns with open minds instead of daggers and arrows.

My goal is to never shut down someone simply for their point of view, but to first tease out how they crystallized their volitions in the first place.  You cannot build from the ramparts, it starts in the ground with every last piece of brick, mortar, and soil that encompasses the foundation. The roots of our lives run deep into the dirt, which is where you’ll find the origins of our fear that manifests as irrationality. This is where we will begin.

Today is the first day of the weekly roundup, aptly titled “Mojo-Monday.”  l’d briefly talk about a topic relating to something I find inspirational and open things up for discussion and comments. The list below breaks down each day and the associated topics that could potentially be covered.

  • MojoMonday – Inspiration/Creativity to stoke the week
  • TechTuesday – Mind bending research and other science/tech
  • WildWednesday – Action, Sports, and Events
  • ThoughtfulThursday – Acts of kindness/Good deeds
  • FreshFriday – Startup chatter & Think-tank

In the near future I’ll be live on Periscope talking about the topic of the day, fielding questions, and fending off the trolls. I’ll also be answering questions that are emailed or DMed to me via Twitter so feel free to throw in something relevant to the topic (or not). Thank you for taking the time to visit, and I hope you will stop by again.


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