MojoMonday – Impressed Customer befriends ChickFilA Employee, Builds Home for Him.

Embody the change you wish to see in the world.

Welcome back to the CenterOfGravity Blog, I’ll be navigating these wild swells right along side you my friends. I hope you all had a safe and exciting weekend.

Today is MojoMonday, and I stumbled across an extremely inspiring story of kindness in my browsing. Enter Bryan Smith & Shakeel Williams.

One thing I’m always blown away by is the level of service offered at ChickFilA. The employees are always helpful, chipper, and extremely organized. It’s a welcome change from the typical low quality service experienced at the majority of fast food chains the world over.  ChickFilA has a fantastic vetting, training, and retention rate amongst the fast food contenders.

Bryan Smith was another such patron that was wowed by the service and experience that he had when he visited the ChickFilA that Shakeel Williams works at. After a brief discussion, the two kept in near constant contact after the encounter. Bryan later discovered that Shakeel was afflicted with Sickle Cell Anemia, a disease that affects primarily the African American Community. 

With medical bills piling up, Shakeel was fighting to make ends meet while also fighting for his life. A truly daunting battle for someone, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Medical bills are crushing to the average Americans finances, and lifelong illnesses such as this only compound the financial blow. It’s extremely difficult to build wealth when facing such a predicament, and this often perpetuates the cycle of poverty.

Over time, as their friendship grew, Bryan started paying some of Shakeel’s medical bills to help him get a leg up. Shortly thereafter, Bryan decided he would take his generosity to the next level. 

He decided to pull out all the stops, and eventually surprises Shakeel and his family with a home of their own. They could finally leave the dilapidated trailer their entire family shared, a blessing in a time of general animosity and mistrust amongst the populace. 

It is truly amazing that even during these times of turbulence, people like Bryan are breaking from the perceived norm and showing us that generosity and care will always trump greed and selfishness. We should try to emulate this spirit of giving, large or small, as often as we are able to. This is the root of what really makes America great, the love and compassion we show for our fellow man.


TechTuesday – SpaceX Moon Excursion 

Happy TechTuesday ya filthy animals, and welcome back to The Center of Gravity. Please make sure your tray tables are in their upright and locked position and get ready for something interesting. 

Elon Musk’s venture SpaceX has just announced they will be sending two tourists on a trip around the moon. This seems relatively ambitious considering the time table they have committed to ( 2018 ) as well as the fact that Musk has a bit of an issue making deadlines he sets for his companies performance. Regardless, the trip is going to be immensely expensive ( ~the ballpark of $130m) and clearly for some ultra-wealthy pair looking for an out of this world experience. 

I can foresee this type of odyssey becoming extremely popular in the near future, as Russian Soyuz rockets have already taken tourists to the ISS (albeit at a hefty price tag of millions of dollars.) It will be interesting to see if society shows a greater interest in Low-Earth orbit or for potentially longer ( and more dangerous) treks to the moon and beyond. The big question comes down to who can afford such a journey initially. 

Until the cost of admission is something within an acceptable zone, this journey will be exclusively for the Uber Elite. In my opinion, until they are able to increase the number of paying passengers to ~100/ trip, even those in the upper echelons of America will have trouble footing such a bill. The advent of the reusable rocket booster ( also developed by SpaceX and Musk) was a watershed moment for fledgling industry as a whole. 
Please let me know what you think of SpaceX or Musk so we can talk more about this exciting progress into commercial space travel!